You know in your hearts ( if you really want to know your place in the universe)that we were ceated of an «alien » higher spirit,..humans always used a «god»  as excuse for genocide, suffering, war, abuse, incredible evil actions everywhere,…whatever. I can tell you that we are not alone in this universe, but I do not care to go over the limit and be some new age idealist or try to be anyone else than I am. We know nothing, even if we think so. Sience can fix a lot, and we can do a lot, but we still are some dust travelling fast on our planet to an unknown destination in an universe we never will know the real truth or limits about, and there is nothing we can do about it. And we have been given free will,….that seems to be a tragic waste of the nature, what we need to survive…the planet, bc humanity are lost and always have been. So, » god» left us to make our own way and decisions, and we have failed totaly. Now nobody can get out of it, bc it is like a parasite evil spirit who are ruling most of the world. It is so sad….but, all holy books, thou failing in a lot, tells us, that the » ruler of the world is here and it is evil»,,…human history and conduct is the largest fail that ever happened in the history of the universe. We have failed. Not only now, but ever since we gained intellect and started to think ( whatever)we are the masters. So wrong. This is so incredible sad. God , whoever or what it is, will maybe take care of some, in the end. Who knows. They in power always silence those who tell the truth. That is the main story of human history. ps. I still believe in the good and eventually that at least the innocent will be redeemed.  In whatever way. I just deny to follow evil if there is any way I can avoid. Ofcourse I fail all the time, but I try. I might be outside, not respected, and treathed bad bc I am who I am. But God, the power we cannot precieve or understand….»those who belive, will be better off than unbelievers….» at least, to believe, is a reason to bother staying alive. Humanity always give God the same way of acting as ourselves, that is the first mistake. God never gave any human being any power to abuse in Gods name and there is no » choosen people». We are all one and we all go the same way, and no power on earth, in any heaven or hell, will ever change it.To me God is totally diffrent. Abrahams people are the jews first, then the christians, and muslims. It is just diffrent ways. And ego, powersickness and abuse, is the main theme of them all. History do not lie.  There have always been religions with more than one god or any way of submittion to a higher power…..but we are blind. Tragic that humanity never learn, and just go down with the ignorance and arrogance we always have had. Humanity’s way is really a scream into the universe..»why, where and for what». It is so tragic. My God is not a part of that. That is why I survive and have a reason to exist.  So, isn’t time to give this some reflection? Or is it too hard? You got only the power of own actions in life as long as you are adult and can do something. There are millions who do not have that power, bc of what I wrote….they are powerless….when do you start ?

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