My love

Where there is anger and fear, there is pain behind it. Release the pain, and the anger will calm. Release the fear so you get out of being stuck in a web of confusion and sorrow. Forgive yourself, be grateful, accept change, accept love. How can we love another person if we don’t love ourselves with good and bad? To look in a mirror and say: “This is me, and I am more than good enough! I was born to make a difference, I was born under the protection of the highest cosmetic love”

Follow your heart’s feelings so you don’t end up old and lonely, regretting the things you didn’t do due to fear and stubbornness. Every time we shut out our inner voice, we shut out ourself, when we deny love and care in our life, we deny our spirit and soul to grow. When we don’t trust ourselves, we cannot trust another person. And how can we be happy when we don’t allow ourselves to be happy? How can we make others happy, when we cannot accept the care others wants to give us?

We are all individually free, but under responsibility, we cannot imprison each other in any relationship, but we can handle difficulties and differences as one soul, because in the end, no person can fix all life’s problems alone. The universe gives you more than you ask for, when you start to trust again. Let life and difficulties flow trough you, try praying and meditation.

I know this, and try as much as I can to get involved in my life’s journey.  And when one does something from the heart and with love, there is no way this will be a mistake and it will never end with future regret.

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