Kvinnene i Chernobyl

( 2015 /2020 dokumentar)

The nuclear disaster at Chernobyl has fascinated and haunted people all over the world over ever since that fateful Saturday, the 26th of April, in 1986.

The attention has only gotten grabbier since the release of the excellent mini-series Chernobyl, co-produced by HBO and SKY last year (and winner of 10 Emmy Awards). Dark tourism of the former site in Ukraine and its neighboring town of Pripyat, where the workers lived, has surged, as curious Georges and Georgettes have flocked to see what a nuclear ghost town locked in Soviet times looks like.

Why would anyone want to go visit there?

I, myself, am curious about these lands that people were forced to leave and left abandoned, but I tour them from a safe distance – from the discomfort of my TV, computer and iPhone. This recently led me down an Amazon Prime Video rabbit hole of Chernobyl documentaries, which led me to three that centered on some people that still call these lands “home.”


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Offentlig side: https://thebabushkasofchernobyl.com/

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